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10 must have items for your Uni House

Your University essentials found in store at Matalan! 


Posted on August 22, 2017

It's likely that you'll want to re-arrange your room throughout the year. This reversible duvet is a great way to do that, without actually buying anything new!

A great alternative to the plain old regular bedding you have at home...


Matalan – Single £10, Double £15


Late nights mean lie-ins are inevitable, so you better make sure you do them in style. Whether you’re in the library studying, or coming back late after a night out, there’s no better end to your night than diving into a super comfy bed.

A memory foam pillow and a mattress topper will also protect you from the not so comfy mattresses you will be sleeping on! 

Memory Foam Pillow £10  

Mattress Topper Single £5 Double £7


No uni house would be complete without a set of string lights. These LED lights are great for brightening up your bedroom, or alternatively will help you to create the perfect atmosphere at pre-drinks!

LED String Lights £8  

LED Light Box £10


Student houses mean shared kitchens, and shared kitchens mean little space. These stackable mugs not only save space, but they also make for good decoration in the kitchen!

Stackable mugs £10


Kitchen appliances that always come in handy are a pizza wheel and a pizza baking tray. For all those movie nights when no one fancies going out, these two will keep mess to a minimum! 

Pizza Wheel  £2     

Pizza Tray  £2


Getting up is hard to do, so why not make it a bit more bearable with a sing-a-long shower? This Bluetooth waterproof shower speaker is a perfect shower accessory.

The shower caddy is ideal for you to keep all your toiletries in one place. It might also come in handy if you share a bathroom but don’t want to keep your toiletries in there (beware of the shampoo thief!)

Shower speaker £10  

Shower Caddy  £8


Matalan has a great range of university essentials ready to grab in time before the new semester starts. Head to Greenwich Shopping Park and get your hands on the many offers available, including 2 items for £3 on kitchen essentials and special buys on bedding, towels and pots for your kitchen.