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DIY Haunted House with Greenwich Shopping Park’s spookiest stores!

Posted on October 20, 2022


Spooky season is officially upon us, and while you may already have your costume sorted, we bet you haven’t thought about decorations yet.


At Greenwich Shopping Park we have all the shops you need to make the haunted house of your dreams (or nightmares) a reality!


These decorations and craft ideas are sure to be fun for everyone, they are not too tricky – but definitely a treat.



Pumpkin Carving



It’s an oldie but a goodie: no run up to Halloween is complete without the classic pumpkin carving session. Once you’ve got your pumpkin at the ready, there is only one more thing you need - this Halloween Pumpkin Kit from Wilko which will help you carve the scariest of pumpkins.


Whether you are into the classic designs or like to get a bit creative with your pumpkin, these tools will help your ideas come to life.




Spooky paper ghost garlands



These paper ghosts are a fun, crafty activity and a great addition to your creepy décor. What makes them even better, is that you can find everything you need to make them at Hobbycraft or even from your kitchen drawers!


What you need:


-        White tissue paper

-        Cotton Balls

-        Clear invisible thread

-        Scissors

-        Permanent marker 



How to make:


  1. First cut some squares out of your white tissue paper and then wrap a couple of layers around your cotton ball.
  2. Following this, you will need to wrap the invisible thread around the neck of your ghost to create it’s flowing bottom half.
  3. Continue wrapping the invisible string around your ghosts until you have a chain of floating friends.
  4. Finally, use the permanent marker to draw some scary or silly faces on your ghosts!


Spooky scented candle




Not all of us want to live in a real-life haunted house. If your idea of the perfect Halloween night involves setting a cosy mood and settling down with a classic horror film, then we have the essentials for you.


You can find everything that you need to set the mood for your perfect night in at Homesense.


This Midnight Pumpkin Scented Halloween Candle is super stylish, and the pumpkin aroma is sure to get your spooky senses tingling.



Snuggle up in this NIDO NOTTE yellow checked throw and you are all set for the perfect movie marathon.




Haunted house in a hurry




If you really want to achieve the creepy mansion vibe but you don’t have the time to make it yourself, Wilko has all the affordable decorations you need to transform your home. From huge inflatables to creepy bunting, they have everything you need to host the Halloween party of the year or scare away those trick or treaters!



Our personal favourites are these Wilko witches hat bunting which will make the perfect addition to any Halloween party, or this Wilko Halloween rat which is the ideal addition to any tricksters home and the Arlec Halloween 4ft White LED Inflatable White Ghost is ideal for anyone who wants a real spooky spectacle this year.