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Happy Valen-mine's Day: show yourself some love with these GSP items


If dating wasn’t hard enough already, we now have a global pandemic to throw in the mix *sigh*. But that doesn’t mean this Valentine’s Day is a write-off. In fact, why not make it all about you?


We’ve put together the perfect Valen-mine’s Day featuring bubbly, bath stuff, and baked camembert. All items available at Greenwich Shopping park and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. After all, as wise Queen RuPaul Charles once said; if you can’t love yourself, how are you gonna love somebody else?


For those who chose to visit our essential stores and COVID-secure services, please be assured that Greenwich Shopping Park is following strict health and safety procedures to ensure that everyone stays safe and socially distanced during their visit. You can find out more about which of our stores and services have remained open during lockdown here. All products listed below are available to order online.



1. Lidl’s Allini Prosecco Spumante - £5.99 £4.95. Shop here


How can you do a Valen-mine’s Day essentials list without wine? The Allini prosecco has a refreshing pear taste and goes down smoothly, whilst the bubbles will make it feel like a hug from the inside out. We can never disagree with Lidl’s prices; for £4.95 a bottle, you really can’t go wrong! If you really want to spoil yourself, Lidl also offer a Bissinger & Co champagne rosé for £16.99 – you can’t put a price on luxury.



2. Lidl’s Baking Camembert with Honey, Truffle & Garlic Glaze - £2.49. Shop here.  

Why have cheesy love songs when you can just have cheese? This party-for-one favourite goes perfectly with some crusty bread, thick-cut crisps or even pasta. Indulge in this honey, truffle and garlic glazed goodness and lighten those spirits. A happy tummy is a happy heart!



3. Boots’ Yankee Candle Tea Lights (Black Cherry) - £6.99. Shop here.


The most important plan of your Valen-mine’s Day is - of course - bath time. There is nothing more relaxing than a hot, steamy bath, especially as the steam emphasises all the beautiful scents from your favourite candles. These delicious black cherry candles will set the perfect me-time mood and create a sweet, fruity ambience. This fresh scent will instantly send you to your happy place. What more could you possibly wish for?


And with Boots’ sale on Yankee Candles, why not experiment with different scents, moods, and colours? Don’t miss out on this heavenly scent!



4. Superdrug’s Holler & Glow Detox Not Retox Bath Gem - £3.50. Shop here.


A bath bomb is the perfect way to blow the stress away. The Holler & Glow Detox bath gem features bath salts that will sooth any muscle soreness and leave you feeling like a new person! Just drop this little gem into a warm running bath and watch the magic unfold. The smell is sensational and will add to your already beautiful evening.


To complete the relaxation, lather yourself in some Radox Feel Lively Scent Touch Body Wash for £2.99 and you’ll instantly feel the weight lift off your shoulders!



5. Superdrug’s Garnier Moisture Bomb Sakura Hydrating Face Sheet Mask - £2.99. Shop here.


We’ve got candles for the mind, bath gems for the body, and wine and cheese for the soul. Now let’s talk about the face; while you’re relaxing in your luxurious bath, place this hydrating sheet mask on to your face and feel the hydration return.


This mask contains an intense glow-boosting formula, with easy application and removal that leaves you free to get comfortable and relax. Pop this moisture bomb mask on, kick your feet up, relax and play your ultimate pamper playlist!



6. Boots’ Vaseline Intense Care Aloe Smooth Body Lotion -£5.99 £2.99. Shop here.

After your super luxurious bath, make sure you make the effects last as long as possible. Boots’ Vaseline intense Care Body Lotion is the perfect way to leave your skin feeling silky soft after your relaxing bath. By restoring the moisture in your skin, your skin will feel soothed and happy after one application.


This is the perfect way to finish off after your me-day and for less than £3, you’ll be able to indulge in a life of luxury for half the price! It’s a win-win!



6. Matalan’s Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel £10. Shop here.

There is no better feeling than drying off with a soft towel, leaving every inch of your skin feeling like it’s been covered in cuddles. These quality Egyptian Cotton bath towels will leave you feeling on top of the world, before popping on your favourite pyjamas and settling down for the evening. This is the perfect way to finish a day that is all about you!

Posted on February 12, 2021