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Spooky DIY Halloween decorations for your home

Posted on September 29, 2017

If you’re looking for simple but refined DIY decorations for your house this Halloween, look no further!


Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or just feel like making your own quaint haunted house, all the supplies for these fun and creative projects can be found in store at Hobbycraft.

Mummy Mason Jars

Source: Country Living

Tutorial: Hi Sugar Plum

We recommend: Mason Jars  £8, Googly eyes pack £1.50, White Spool £3.50,  LED Candles £2


A simple and easy DIY project that will light up your home – we love these cute and spooky mummy creatures! So cheap and easy to make, you‘ll be wishing all Halloween decorations were this easy!

Pick your Poison


Source: Country Living

Tutorial: The 36th Avenue

We recommend: Mason Jars £8, Black Chalkboard Paint £5,  White Chalk £1


Every witch needs her potions! Create these mysterious potions in jars as quick as casting a spell.


Yarn Pumpkins


Source/Tutorial: One Little Project

We recommend: Orange Yarn £3,  Latex Balloons £1.50,  PVA Glue £1.50,  Orange Pipe Cleaners £1.10, Brown Pipe Cleaners £1.20 


Enjoying the aesthetic of pumpkins at Halloween but don’t want to deal with the mess of carving a real one? These sweet little decorations will add a subtle but effective touch of Halloween to your home.


Glow in the dark Pumpkin

Sauce: Eeriezone

Tutorial: UV Pumpkin video tutorial

We recommend: Paper Mache Pumpkin £4,  Neon and Glow paint £3


Turn your Halloween decor from spooky to groovy with these glow in the dark pumpkins. Show off your artistic talents to friends and neighbours with a different design on each pumpkin!